There are two reasons why you should Get Certified by Sci Qual International.

1.   Reducing the risks of doing business in an uncertain world.

We live in an increasingly uncertain world with our businesses being exposed to rapid and sometimes radical change. Political and economic uncertainty with Brexit, the US Election outcome and a lack of direction in Australian politics is creating a difficult operating environment. Certification can’t eliminate these problems but it can help create a culture and an environment where uncertainty can be better managed.

If your management system is focused on the following key areas, you will be in a much better position to withstand market and political shocks.

  1. Doing what you say you do;
  2. Providing clarity on organisational objectives and required outcomes;
  3. Strong leadership;
  4. Customer satisfaction;
  5. Continuous improvement;
  6. and Compliance with applicable regulations and legislation.

The High Level Structure (HSL) for the Quality, Environmental and Safety standards sets out what needs to be covered and this is consistent across all standards (or will be once the ISO 45001 Safety standard is introduced in 2017).

As you can see there is nothing here that you would not expect to see in a well-managed company. We have tried to provide a simplified description of the requirement for each category. These descriptions apply whether it’s a QMS, EMS, SMS or fully integrated management system, although the focus here is mainly on ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

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2.   Increasing opportunities for trade/business through being registered with is the exclusive business-to-business (B2B) network for ISO certified companies. All companies in the QualityTrade network are audited and certified by third-party conformity assessment bodies (CABs), who are accredited by bodies like JAS-ANZ under the IAF. 

The QualityTrade Mission:
To Connect quality conscious buyers with high-quality, compliant ISO certified companies through the world's most trusted B2B network.

The QualityTrade Vision:
To create a world where consumers have reliable access to businesses who can prove they do the right thing by their costumers, employees and the environment through certification.

As an ISO certified supplier, they'll help you connect with millions of buyers who appreciate your quality and compliance standards, so you can maximise the value of your certification.

When you're buying, they'll help you source and procure goods and services from ISO certified companies in an efficient and safe manner, saving you money and minimising risks.



JAS-ANZ Forms Alliance with QualityTrade

JAS-ANZ continues to increase value to certified organisations by building alliances with organisations such as QualityTrade. This alliance will benefit certified organisations as an online business-to-business (B2B) portal that aims to connect quality conscious buyers with trusted, high quality, certified suppliers.

For more information on this JAS-ANZ Alliance visit here, or;