Australian Food Act Audits: Queensland and Victoria

These audits are based on Standards 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3 & 3.3.1 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (Australia Only). This will be of interest to organisations in the following sectors who are required to have a Food Safety Program under the Queensland and Victorian State Food Acts:

  • Aged Care
  • Health Care
  • Child Care
  • Food Service
  • Catering Service

Sci Qual International has engaged the services of Jerome Cramer who is an approved auditor in Queensland and Victoria.

Jerome has over 30 years experience in hospitality and business management having worked for international hotel chains, healthcare and aged care sector organisations, both in Australia and overseas. He understands the business and the challenges faced by the operators and takes the approach that an audit should be a “learning experience” for the auditee, rather than a “fault finding mission” for the auditor.

Please note: Sci Qual do not offer the actual certificate however, if the audit is successfully conducted the relevant local council will issue a food safety licence.


1st & 2nd Party Audits: In addition to 3rd party certification, Sci Qual International can offer 1st & 2nd party audits.

1st Party Audits: As long as you are not certified by Sci Qual International we can conduct internal audits of your management system to assist you in meeting your compliance requirements under a range of standards. This offers the advantage of an experienced auditor confirming that your internal procedures are being followed and that you are applying a continuous improvement and risk based approach.

Note: If you are certified by Sci Qual International we cannot conduct your internal audits as this would represent a conflict of interest under our JAS-ANZ accreditation.

2nd Party Audits: Sci Qual International can conduct second party audits to assess the performance of your suppliers or compliance with contract requirements etc. We have auditors experienced in QMS, EMS, OHS and Food safety certification.