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A dedicated client manager will be assigned to look after your audits and to liaise between your nominated contact and our auditors to ensure the audit is planned with sufficient notice for your business. The client manager will prepare quotes and liaise with you regarding information needed to comply with JAS-ANZ requirements.

An audit Programme will be issued after your stage 1 audit and will be reviewed after every audit. This is designed to provide an overview of the audit process.

An audit plan will be developed for each audit which will provide details of what will be covered by the audit so that you can plan your resource requirements for the audit.

You will receive an audit report with an executive summary outlining any nonconformities, observations on isolated or spasmodic issues that if not addressed could lead to future nonconformities and opportunities for improvement. In addition, you will receive a detailed report outlining the status against all requirements of the standard. The report will also outline examples of strengths, best practice, and effectiveness in attaining performance objectives.

Your report will be available within 10 working days of the audit being completed but will not be sent out until full payment has been received.

If for any reason you wish to transfer your certification to or from another certification body we will cooperate fully to facilitate this with the minimum disruption to your business in accordance with the JAS-ANZ transfer procedure.

Our objective is to provide you with a flexible, responsive and friendly service that adds value to your business. This is captured in our branding:
A simplified certification process – guaranteed.