What is Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis is a review of your Quality/Food Safety/OHS/Environmental Management System prior to a Certification Audit being undertaken to identify any “gaps” in the relevant Management System which would prevent/delay Certification being approved for your Organisation.

How does it benefit my business?

The results of a self-assessment provide companies with a measured rating of their existing systems. It indicates how you can improve within your business processes. It also provides an indication of your preparedness for Third Party Certification prior to the resource investment required for full certification.

How long does an analysis take and validity period?

There is no clear indication of time as it relates to the effort and amount of work required to gain positive responses to the self assessment. A GAP analysis is not an assessment with a ‘valid to’ expiry date. The timeframe between Gap Analysis and Certification Audit is, under normal circumstances, three months.  An extension of time can be applied for, and considered by Sci Qual, if such a need is identified.

How can I go about getting one?

In the case of the Quality standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 there is a second standard, called AS/NZS ISO 9004:2009 Quality Management Systems – Guidelines for performance improvements. Annex A of 9004 provides guidelines for self-assessment of an organisation’s quality management system. This asks 27 questions, the responses to which are assessed against performance maturity levels.

NB. The requirements of 9004 are not auditable under Third party certification. The use of Annex A by a qualified QMS auditor will provide a useful GAP Analysis to determine the organisation’s state of readiness for 3rd Party Certification

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