Sci Qual can offer the following Food Safety and Product Certifications, SQI HACCP, Freshcare, Spotless Food Safety Standards, Queensland & Victoria Food Act.

Please note that only the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality standards are JAS-ANZ accredited


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and is a food safety system used by food producers, manufacturers, and food service organizations. SQI offers its own HACCP Standard (which like most other HACCP standards is not JAS-ANZ accredited) based on the principles and practices outlined in HACCP System and Guidelines for its Application, issued by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

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HARPS stands for 'Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme'. HARPS objective is to ensure compliance with food safety, legal and trade legislation to major grocery retailers.

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Freshcare is the fresh produce industry’s own on-farm assurance program, meeting the needs of Australian growers in fulfilling both domestic and international market requirements. Freshcare’s practical approach to helping growers and packers assure customers that their produce is safe to eat and sustainably grown has seen thousands of fresh produce businesses adopt the Freshcare program since its launch in July 2000.

Freshcare offers the following standards:

Spotless Food Safety Standard

The Spotless food supplier Quality Assurance Program involves compulsory auditing to the Spotless Food Safety Standard for Suppliers. The Standard is a HACCP based Food Safety Program.

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Queensland and Victoria Food Act Audits

Sci Qual International can audit Food Safety Programs under the relevant Food Acts in Queensland and Victoria.

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Next Steps

The other critical factor in getting a good outcome from your Food Safety certification is the certification body you choose to conduct your audit.

Sci Qual International was the first certification body to be accredited by JAS-ANZ in 1993. Since that time we have certified thousands of organisations and many of those clients have been with us for 20 years or more.

So what is our value proposition versus other certification bodies?

"A simplified certification process......Guaranteed"

Having a simplified process doesn’t mean the audit won’t be robust - it will be. Our reputation and the integrity of the JAS-ANZ accreditation system depends on it.

However dealing with many certification bodies is more complex than it should be and we guarantee that you will find us easy to work with.

  • You will find us responsive from your first contact.
  • You will find us flexible in meeting your needs.
  • You will find our auditors are pragmatic and will add value to your business.
  • You will have one point of contact through a dedicated client manager who will work with you to achieve positive outcomes. Your client manager will handle quotes, audit scheduling, liaising with your auditor and will answer any questions you have. They will take full responsibility for getting you the answers you need.

We know from our own experience and from that of our auditors, (who in many cases are contracted to other certification bodies) that our single point of contact offers a significant benefit to clients and eases the stress of the certification process.

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