Transfer your Certification

Transfer your existing certification to Sci Qual International to get - A simplified certification process ...  Guaranteed.

  • You’ve made the commitment to your Management System,
  • You are maintaining valid accredited certificate but
  • You’re finding the process more complicated than you expected
    • You’re dealing with different people each time you call
    • Your certification body doesn’t communicate with you about your next audit
    • You get a different auditor each time
    • It takes too long to get any information
    • People don’t return your calls or respond promptly to your emails
    • It takes weeks to get a quote 

Our commitment to you is to provide - A simplified certification process ...  Guaranteed.

This does not mean that the audit will not be robust – it will. 

  • It means that the process of dealing with Sci Qual International will be easy. 
  • You will find us responsive from your first contact. 
  • You will find us flexible in meeting your needs. 
  • You will find our auditors are pragmatic and seeking to add value to your business. 
  • You will find our client managers will work with you to achieve positive outcomes.

If you have made the decision to transfer your certification to Sci Qual International from another certification body, there is only one thing you need to do – contact us and we will take you through the very simple transfer process in accordance with JAS-ANZ requirements.

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