10 Reasons for your Organisation to become SQI-HACCP Certified:

  1. External Verification: Confidence that your business maintains stringent food safety/quality standards
  2. Good Business Sense: Many companies will not buy from a manufacturer or producer unless they are HACCP certified. All major supermarkets require suppliers to have a 3rd party HACCP based audit carried out  by a JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body
  3. Reduce/minimise the risk of costly food recalls and food borne illness
  4. Provides evidence of due diligence in regard to the maintenance of food safety and quality
  5. Sound business practice maintained through validation/verification requirements of a SQI-HACCP system
  6. Can help identify process improvements and implementation of ongoing continuous improvement within your organisation
  7. Facilitates better understanding of food safety issues throughout the organisation most particularly regarding improved staff training regime, GMP and ongoing continuous improvement regarding food safety and quality
  8. Improves staff morale and motivation through a cleaner working environment and accentuation/endorsement of staff knowledge of food safety/quality within your operation
  9. SQI-HACCP certification is a means of formalising commitment to food safety/quality within your organisation and it’s a realistic preventative approach to food safety/quality
  10. Enhances customer satisfaction/reduces dissatisfaction and reduces customer concern regarding food safety/quality of your organisation’s product.