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Reid Industrial Graphic Products achieves 20 year Certificate for continual compliance to ISO 9001

Reid Industrial Graphic Products achieved a 20 year milestone for continual compliance to ISO 9001 in 2015. They are now well on their way to achieving a 25 year milestone. Not only is this an excellent team achievement for Reid Industrial Graphic Products but Sci Qual International values this long term relationship with the company as evidence of our commitment to customer service.

About Reid Industrial Graphic Products

At Reid Industrial Graphic Products we strive to provide innovative solutions to Human Machine Interface (HMI) problems. Whether you need a simple Graphic Overlay or a complex assembly, we have the technology and know-how to provide a solution.
Reid Industrial Graphic Products continues to work closely with a number of partner companies around the world to provide you with the best quality products and services for all solutions. We have the right blend of knowledge and the industry experience (for over 25years) to combine various technologies with the products we design and provide a complete interface solution that will meet all your requirements.

Product combinations:

  • Membrane Keypads with Backing Panels
  • Flexible Circuits with Silicone Keypads
  • Graphic Overlay Panels or Touch Screens with Custom Graphic Overlay Borders

We work together with our customers to ensure that the manufacture process and supply chain is streamlined so that the only best quality product is the result. The finished interface can be shipped to your manufacturing facility here in Australia or abroad, ready for final product assembly.

Clem Johnson – Reid Industrial Graphic Products director said “the business benefits from certification to ISO 9001 because it places us in a strong position versus competitors who don’t have certification and because everyone in the business knows what part they have to play to achieve success. It’s a tough market and our clients want the assurance that we have quality systems in place”. Ben White, General Manager Sci Qual International said “It is always good to work with a company that is committed to continuous improvement and who uses their certification not just to get a tick in the box but to assist the business to focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction”