Our Mission

To be recognised as the Australian owned Certification Body of choice in the markets we operate in.

Our Vision

Our clients see us as easy to work with and contributing to their own business objectives.

  • To assist in facilitating adoption of sound management practices in Australia & internationally assisting in the confidence of the certification system by all interested parties & the general community;
  • To actively promote standardisation and integration of certification practices;
  • For the Sci Qual International logo to be an internationally recognised and prestigious Certification Symbol
  • Our staff say "This is a good place to work"

Sci Qual International (SQI) is a Queensland Registered Company (ACN 056 777 176) ABN 87 056 777 176. Our auditors are based throughout Australia in strategic locations to meet the increasing requirements of our clients. All of our auditors operate under the Sci Qual Policies and Procedures.

SQI is aware of the need to provide a mechanism, which assures its impartiality and integrity. An independent committee from a cross-section of the community has been sourced to overview the operation and act as arbitrators in any appeal situation

SQI is accredited by the Queensland Government as a Quality Assured Supplier (Certificate No. 659).

SQI is a member of the Association of Accredited Certification Bodies. (AACB) www.aacb.com.au


Complaints & Appeals

If you happen to have any issue with the service we have provided please refer these directly to the General Manager at contact@sciqual.com.au

  • We take all feedback from clients seriously -  both positive and negative and will address your feedback in accordance with our internal procedures
  • We will investigate your complaint and provide a date by which we will respond
  • We will ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of our investigation
  • The submission, investigation and decision on an appeal will not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant
  • If you are in any way dissatisfied with our response you may refer your complaint to JAS-ANZ at www.jas-anz.org

You may appeal a certification decision made by us if you believe there is a case for appeal.

Following receipt of notification of appeal, SQI General Manager or delegate shall, within 24 hours, acknowledge receipt of the notice to the appellant and make the necessary information available to the Appeals Group who will handle the matter in accordance with our procedures.