1st Party Audits

A 1st party audit – normally called an 'internal audit' is where we audit our own systems and processes to ensure that we are doing what we say we do. We could be auditing our systems against a set of regulatory or compliance requirements. We could be auditing how effective our controls against risk are.

If you are certified by Sci Qual International (SQI) then, unfortunately, we can’t conduct a 1st party or internal audit as we would be auditing our own work and that would be considered by JAS-ANZ as a threat to impartiality and would not be objective or independent. If you are not certified by SQI it would be possible for SQI to conduct an internal audit but then we would not be able to conduct a certification audit for another 2 years for the reasons relating to impartiality outlined above. However, having your internal or 1st party audits conducted by a qualified and experienced auditor could bring benefits to your business:

  • Improve internal weaknesses
  • Identify non-compliance issues
  • Create an actionable and corrective plan